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School Lunches Should Be Banned

Today’s commentary I want to talk about School Lunches. The reason is because there is a school in Chicago which has banned Packed Lunches in Brown Paper Bags from home. They Principal and school administrators say it has a health concern because some kids might bring Soda instead of Milk,Juice or Water in their lunch. Who Cares? Since when will Lunch effect their grades during the day when the have breakfast or not and are still able to work through the day.

In my case School Lunches are gross. So let’s ban that. Schools across the country have terrible food which includes their vegetables which are steamed and yet have bad smell and taste. Government should ban School Lunches. If this happens you must be wondering what will the kids and staff do if their school lunch is banned. Well bring something from home and enjoy it. But many of the people will get fired or laid off and need new jobs. Well not our problem. I think I made my point on why “school lunches should be banned.”

For that article click the link. Newser.


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  1. it should be banned


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