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The American Dream will not be in China

This is my second and last commentary on today’s topic on China. So today I want to talk about the American Dream. China considers us our greatest ally and greatest enemy so a war can’t break out between us because we are both on Neutral Sides with being each others ally and enemy. There is this commercial which takes place in 2030 AD in Beijing, China on why great nations fall. Here is the video

The American Dream right now is not in China because well what about Japan right now beside their disaster they were the most advanced nation of economy & technology. We own China and we pay to make our everyday needs such as toys,remotes for tv,radios and accessories such as American Flags. We own them as our slaves. China is getting our money but not enough to overcome us. As I mentioned before in my other post Why China Will Fall. So America still makes our stuff in our own factories but we end up making more of our stuff. Well actually China does. But we can beat them in this race and see who will control the American Dream.

If China did control us which I’m saying they won’t if America couldn’t pay them money China will tax themselves just to get out of their need for more money. China is actually working for us and we are not working for them. So really the American Dream will not be in China.

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