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Here for our commentary we are going to talk about the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan which has destroyed many towns,villages and made them no longer existing. Many photos and videos have been spread across the internet and this commentary and we the blog team have no words and we need your help to donate money to red cross to save the world’s most advance country. Their economy has been moved around #4 after the car companies stopped production on cars. It has impacted the lands of the pacific ocean and near the United States west coast. Many places are underwater and food and power is needed for them.

Another concern is the Radiation Leak from 3 Nuclear Power Plants which has now effected water and milk. They have been trying to cool down the power plants but seems to be working. The 4th power plant has not been affected. Here are some photos which tells it all. A town called Minamisanriku no longer exist except it’s website.



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