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American Culture:New York City

This is our first American Culture Location Post and the first is New York City. New York City is the best place in the world and in Queens this is where this blog was formed and it is still today. Well in Flushing, Queens exactlyThe town is home to most of the world’s commerce, finance, media, culture, art, fashion, research, education, and entertainment. This is the most famous American Culture post on this blog and the largest. Me (sharmamridul) was born here and I will die here till the end of my life. This is the largest city in the United StatesIt even served as the Capital of the country (1785 until 1790) and New York State, is the state that has New York City. It became the countries largest city ever since 1790- to today. Many people such as tourists and immigrants visit to see the best place in the world.


This place has tons of nicknames. Here are some of them

The Greatest City in the world, The city that never sleeps, The Big Apple,The Capital of The World,The City So Nice,They Named It Twice,The Capital of The World, Empire City, Gotham, New York, NYC, NY


In New York there are tons of features that always noticeably such as the Taxi.

Trash Cans

New York City Trash cans can be seen mostly everywhere across the city

Snowy New York City

New York City during the winter its appearance changes from the other seasons.


The Subway is one of the most popular place in New York. The Subway is the biggest transportation in New York so people could go to work to the City. The 7 Train is most popular one in New York. MetroCard‘s have been used since 1994. Also there is the MTA Bus it has been used for travel since late 2004. As seen below, They also use metro cards to get in just like in the trains. The subway is known for its dirty environment such as people peeing, rats crawling around and other animals like them, also trash and graffiti.


The most popular building currently seen in NY is The Empire State BuildingThe Twin Towers were the most popular building until 9/11 hit and the buildings collapsed to the ground.

Times Square/Central Park/Broadway

Times Square is sometimes referred to be the in the center of Manhattan. Many famous companies buildings stay here. The annual ball drop on New Year’s Eve in order for the new year to come along.

Central Park is the cities largest park also in Manhattan. Tons of people visit the park on a nice day for a walk or for a morning jog before work.

Broadway is the most popular theater in the world. Many people go to the theater to begin their acting career. Many play writes happen there.


New York Sports has been most popular cause in baseball the New York Yankees became the most popular team after winning the most world series championships than any other team with a total of 27 as of 2009. The other baseball team are the New York Mets. My favorite team since 2007. The Mets have been most of NY’s inspiration.


Chinatown’s became popular in New York City and made it popular for its population and location in the Big Apple.

Big Apple/Map

Big Apple is one of the biggest nicknames of New York.


New York City is dived into 5 Boroughs. They are Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island. The largest is Queens. All of the Boroughs are all islands expect for the Bronx which is connected to the mainland of the state of New York. Queens and Brooklyn are the only boroughs to border each other and share the same island which is Long Island .

Tourist’s visit New York everyday for its rich values and most entertainment and breath-taking views. Immigrants come from all-over the world just to live in New York. NY gets millions of tourist and immigrants coming to the city.

Coney Island

Coney Island is the most popular amusement park in the world. It is located in southernmost part of Brooklyn. Many people visit the park for the rides and food and entertainment. In celebration for Halloween the park had it open all year until Halloween and in celebration of it they had a Halloween Parade at the night of the day.

Niagara Falls/Museums

Niagara Falls

There are two top museums and those 2 are Metropolitan Museum of Art and American Museum of Natural History!

To see more check out New York City on Wikipedia here.

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