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Warning As Boa Constrictor Goes On The Loose

Police have warned residents in England to be on their guard after a two-metre long (6ft) boa constrictor escaped from its owner’s home in Essex.

The reptile’s bite is not poisonous but constrictors do bite if attacked

The snake, believed to be called Diago, escaped from the bathroom window of the property in Barnfield, Wickford on Friday.

Although the reptile’s bite is not poisonous, constrictors do bite if attacked and can wrap themselves around their prey, squeezing them to death.

However the missing snake is not fully grown, and has been described as a “danger to small animals” by its owner.

Police said the force’s wildlife liaison officer was talking to specialists and the RSPCA about the incident.

Officers said anyone who spots it should call emergency services and not go near the creature.

A statement from the Essex Police force said: “The boa constrictor snake escaped from a bathroom window on July 30 and its owner has been unable to locate it.

“Police are searching the local area and have notified people in the neighbourhood to be aware of the missing snake.”

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