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Man ploughs through multi-storey car park wall…

Squeezing your car into a parking space in the multi-storey is always a tricky affair, but it’s fair to say Ralph Hudson made a right pig’s ear of this effort.

The 67-year-old somehow got his foot stuck between the brake and accelerator and sped backwards, ploughing through the car park wall.

His Mercedes shuddered to a halt with its boot and back wheels hanging precariously 21m (70ft) above the ground, sending bricks crashing down, damaging several cars but narrowly missing passers-by.
Fortunately, staff were able to drive the car back inside and Mr Hudson was not injured.

The accident happened in the garage of the Bank of America building in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Mr Hudson got his second lucky escape of the day when police declined to issue him a ticket.


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