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The Robot Dinosaur that eats cars at every meal!

This might look like a scene from a “Transformers” movie, but it’s actually an event that’s been repeated at festivals around the nation over the past two decades. Robosaurus is a four-story, fire-breathing, car-eating monster that wows audiences with its metal-crushing claws and jaws.

Another one bites the dust: Robosaurus chooses a metal meal. Mark Hays, one of the developers and pilots behind the 27-ton beast calls his creation “the ultimate toy.”

Ouch! That can’t feel good. Robosaurus chomps down on one more steel victim. The machine’s hydraulically powered arms are controlled from a cockpit so complex its creator thinks it would take two years for someone to learn.

The team behind Robosaurus say they’ve spent $5 million to keep the machine operating over the past two decades. It’s also spawned a small army of copycat car-crushing robot dinosaurs.

And he’s done. Robosaurus sends another victim hurtling towards a fiery doom. Operator Mark Hays says he’s not so much a driver as a puppeteer. And when the show’s over, Robosaurus folds up into his own trailer.

Robosaurus looks even more spectacular at night. The machine prefers four-door cars to two-door vehicles. Robosaurus doesn’t just wreck cars. It destroys them in spectacular fashion. The robot T-Rex has been featured on “The Simpsons” and “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno,” and most recently has been seen on “America’s Worst Driver,” where it has pulverized the losing cars.

It may look like hell on earth… but it’s just another show by the car-crushing, flame-throwing Robosaurus.

The robot weighs 58,000 pounds, packs 24,000 pounds of bite force and shoots flames. Or, as I like to say, it’s fun for the whole family… and yes, I WANT ONE!

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