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July 31, 2010

Yesterday’s Covers

Know Your Sharks

July 31, 2010

Yahoo reports Top 5 shark myths

Jumping Goat

July 31, 2010

Yahoo reports The Flying Goat

New Harrods Owners Fall Prey To Clampers…

July 31, 2010

The new owners of Harrods  in London, got a taste of London life when they returned to their luxury cars to find they had been clamped!! A Koenigsegg CCXR worth £1.2m and a Lamborghini Murcielago worth £350,000 – both in the fetching colour of turquoise – were parked outside the Qatari’s ruling family’s latest acquisition when they […]

Warning As Boa Constrictor Goes On The Loose

July 31, 2010

Police have warned residents in England to be on their guard after a two-metre long (6ft) boa constrictor escaped from its owner’s home in Essex. The reptile’s bite is not poisonous but constrictors do bite if attacked The snake, believed to be called Diago, escaped from the bathroom window of the property in Barnfield, Wickford on […]

More MLB Fans Hate Lebron James

July 31, 2010

The Weiner Bomb

July 31, 2010

The Post reports New York pols’ loud 9/11 war. Here is the video of Rep.Anthony Weiner‘s exploding on the latest medical health care for the 9/11 emergency responders Video is by NewYorkLiberal

Bear Pooling

July 31, 2010

Car owner Ben Story got close enough to take this picture of the greedy beast after it got stuck inside his Toyota Corolla and lost its temper (Picture: Ben Story/AP) Well stop parking your car near the woods. That’s a lesson learned.

Animal Mental Disorder

July 31, 2010

Standing tall: the peng-hen, a hen which walks like a penguin The Hen’s owner Liu Young says that the hen has been walking like that since it’s childhood rather acting like a normal chicken.

18 or 67 you still need an ID

July 31, 2010

Chris Page outside the One Stop shop Well I, I, I… have no idea how I should reply to that.


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