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It’s just too stupid to get into.


Sen. Jim Inhofe’s (R-OK) embarrassing attempt to disprove global warming with a single snowball was rightfully dismissed by the mainstream media — but it was applauded on Fox News.

The February 28 edition of Fox News’ Fox & Friends Saturday featured a clip of Sen. Inhofe’s recent speech in which he brought a snowball onto the Senate floor dispute the scientific finding that 2014 was the hottest year on record. The clip preceded an interview with Inhofe, in which co-host Tucker Carlson asked why some people are “trying to shut down debate” on the causes of climate change. Inhofe responded that “there are so many people out there in the extreme community, the far left … and they’re trying to revive this as an issue,” adding that “it’s become a religion.” The only other questions Inhofe received during his interview were whether the U.S. should be “nixing” all climate change-related funding, and how he was able put together such a “nicely packed, well-constructed” snowball.

Other media outlets had a different take on the issue.

New York Magazine‘s Jonathan Chait called Inhofe’s argument “breathtakingly devoid of a factual or logical grasp of its subject matter.”

On the March 2 edition of The View, conservative co-host Nicole Wallace described Inhofe’s action on the Senate floor as “moronic,” adding: “if we want to get people younger than him to join our party I think it’s time to stop denying and just say let’s debate the solutions.”

The Washington Post editorial board wrote that the stunt shows how Inhofe’s position as chair for the Environment and Public Works Committee is a “national embarrassment,” adding: “The Republican Party should be mortified by the face of their environmental leadership.”

The Los Angeles Times’ Michael Hiltzik agreed, stating that Inhofe’s stunt was “cause for a national face-palm,” and that Inhofe should be “condemned, not encouraged.”

Vox called it “the dumbest thing that happened on the Senate floor” that day.

Credit: Media Matters


Chances are if Fox News invites on a doctor to give his/her opinion about something related to social issues, you’ll get a prescribed dose if misinformation and pseudoscience.

Turning the focus on legalized marijuana, Fox & Friends this Saturday asked the opinion of Dr. David Samadi, who brought up the subject of “crack babies” that are a result of women “smoking this whole marijuana business.”


Samadi wasn’t buying a recent study that determined pot was way less dangerous than alcohol and cigarettes.

“I think it’s a very dangerous study,” Samadi started out. “People need to be very careful about not getting the wrong message from this study. They’re using a lethal dose as a comparison. For example, they’re putting pot against or weed against cocaine or alcohol. We know you need less amount of alcohol to die. So, they’re using death to see what’s dangerous and what’s not.”


“They’re extrapolating a lot of these animal studies and surveys that doesn’t make a lot of sense, and coming with this whole thing that pot is safer,” he continued. “Absolutely not — it’s a huge fraud.”

He then claimed that marijuana “actually causes heart attacks.”

According to Samadi, medical marijuana “the biggest scam” he’s ever seen.

“I challenge any doctors, come to my Facebook, convince me how this is healthy for you. I’m 100 percent against this.”

Watch the segment in the video below, via The Raw Story:

Credit: AATTP


March marks our 61st month of existence and we are still going strong!


The ATF has said it wants to ban certain types of AR-15 ammunition because it can pierce the kind of body armor worn by police. But Fox News host Tucker Carlson suggested on Saturday that it was more about disarming citizens, and he had on a gun activist who said these were “tiny bullets” that actually couldn’t pierce armor.

Earlier this month, an ammunition retailer warned that “Obama and his cronies in key government posts are trying to once again de facto suppress our Second Amendment rights” by taking executive action to reclassify certain types of .223 ammunition.

According to Carlson, the move was “not really about protecting cops as much as it is about disarming citizens.”

But Mark Glaze, executive director of Every Town For Gun Safety, told the Fox News host that the reclassification really was about law enforcement because some handguns could also fire the ammunition.

“The problem is that these bullets still can pierce the armor that many police officers wear,” Glaze explained. “And the primary danger that police officers face on the street is handguns, not rifles or shotguns.”

Giles, who founded Girls Just Want To Have Guns, argued that the primary use of the M855 cartridges was target practice.

“The reason rifle shooters use this ammunition is because it’s accurate,” she said. “So the fact that the ATF wants to ban target shooting ammunition is beyond me.”

“They don’t actually want to ban target shooting ammunition,” Glaze pointed out. “They want to use other target shooting ammunition that can’t pierce through the Kevlar vests that police officers wear on the streets.”

“Sorry, it’s actually target ammunition,” Giles shot back. “And no person who uses a gun to carry will use this because it’s not as effective as others.”

“And to say that this is going to pierce through the armor of cops is ridiculous because it’s a tiny bullet like this big,” she added, demonstrating the size with her fingers. “And to say that the cop’s Kevlar isn’t tough enough to handle that ammunition is ridiculous. And like the FBI said, no one has used this in a handgun to shoot a cop.”

Earlier this week, Snopes debunked the claim that President Barack Obama was banning ammunition through executive action.

“While it’s true that the ATF proposed a ban on ‘green tip’ ammunition in February 2015, President Obama was not involved through executive action of any description,” Snopes noted. “The ATF described the proposal as the result of a long-term examination, several years in the making, of whether the ammunition fit the criteria for an exemption for sporting purposes.”

Watch the video below from Fox News’ Fox & Friends, broadcast Feb. 28, 2015.

Credit: Raw Story


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Conservative media are reacting to a terrorist threat against Mall of America by calling for people to be allowed to carry concealed guns in more places even though no evidence exists that civilians with concealed carry permits stop mass attacks.

During a February 22 appearance on CNN, Department of Homeland Security secretary Jeh Johnson told visitors to Minnesota’s Mall of America to be “particularly careful,” citing a video released by Somalia-based terror group Al-Shabaab that called for an attack on the shopping center. Local law enforcement say there is “no credible threat” to the mall, but that Mall of America has “implemented extra security precautions.”

Shoppers visiting Mall of America are not allowed to carry firearms, although one local lawmaker isattempting to change that policy in light of Al-Shabaab’s threat. As a reaction to the September 11 terror attacks, Mall of America created its own 150-member counterterrorism security force that is “modeled after similar units in Israel.” Local police also have a unit dedicated to the mall.

Conservatives have used the threat to question the mall’s no guns policy for shoppers and to push the myth that places where guns are not allowed are particularly dangerous.

On February 24, Outnumbered co-hosts Andrea Tantaros, Stacey Dash, and Kennedy along with guest and Fox News contributor Bo Dietl all endorsed carrying concealed guns in Mall of America. Kennedy suggested that Mall of America is a “gun-free zone” and argued that such an area “really is an invitation” for terrorists. Tantaros falsely suggested that the gunman in the 2007 Virginia Tech mass shooting was “taken down” with a firearm to advance the carrying of guns. In fact, the shooter in that incident committed suicide.

Fox’s The Five and Fox & Friends both used the threat against Mall of America to question policies that prohibit the carrying of guns.

Writing for Townhall, Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich called Mall of America “a ‘gun free,’ anti-concealed carry zone, making it even more of a soft-target for terror groups who have people embedded in U.S. cities.” An article in the NRA’s magazine American Rifleman wrote of Mall of America’s policy to not allow shoppers to bring guns: “Unfortunately, rendering all of the lawful patrons defenseless makes the 520-store, 50-restaurant facility — and home to the world’s largest indoor theme park — a more desirable target.”

There is no evidence that policies disallowing the carrying of firearms encourage public attacks or that civilians with concealed weapons stop public attacks. According to a Mother Jones analysis of 62 mass shootings in the United States between 1982 and 2012, not a single incident involved a shooter who chose his or her target because guns were not allowed to be carried at that location — instead, “in many of the cases there was clearly another motive for the choice of location.”

None of those 62 incidents were stopped by a civilian carrying a concealed weapon, although Mother Jonesdid describe two incidents, both in 2005, where a civilian with a concealed gun was injured or killed trying to stop a public attack. Following a June 2014 attack that left two Las Vegas police officers dead, a man who drew his concealed weapon with the intention of confronting one of the perpetrators was killed by the other perpetrator.

Conservative media have increasingly used terrorism as a means to advance pro-gun arguments.

Following a December 2014 hostage situation in a Sydney, Australia, café, Fox News questioned Australia’s strict gun regulations, even though Americans are murdered by guns at a rate more than ten times greater in the United States, where laws are comparatively looser. After terrorists used guns in an attack on Paris-based satire publication Charlie Hebdo, Fox figures again criticized France’s strict gun laws, even though mass shootings and gun violence generally are far more prevalent in the United States where there are far fewer restrictions on firearm ownership. Without citing examples, Washington, D.C.-based Fox reporter Emily Millerclaimed during a January 11 appearance on Fox News that the reason terrorists don’t come here is because of civilian’s ownership” of firearms and that terrorists “come here and they bomb us, unfortunately, which is horrible, but they’re not coming here with guns because Americans can shoot back.”

Credit: Media Matters


The hosts of Fox & Friends and Fox News contributor Stacy Dash on Monday slammed the Academy Awards for focusing on wage inequality, immigration, and for “snubbing” Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper film.

“To every woman who gave birth, to every taxpayer and citizen of this nation, we have fought for everybody else’s equal rights,” Arquette told the audience after winning the Oscar for best supporting actress. “It’s our time to have wage equality once and for all and equal rights for women in the United States of America!”

After winning the award for Best Original Song, John Legend said that he and Common wrote the piece for the move Selma to remind America that “the struggle for justice is right now.”

“We know that the Voting Rights Act that they fought for 50 years ago is being compromised now in this country today,” Legend pointed out. “Right now the struggle for freedom and justice is real.”

On Monday, Dash said that she was “appalled” by those speeches.

“I could not believe it,” she opined. “I mean, first of all, Patricia Arquette needs to do her history. In 1963, Kennedy passed the equal pay law. It’s still in effect. I didn’t get the memo that I didn’t have any rights.”

“I miss the glamour, the elegance, the class, the majesty of the Oscars,” Dash added. “You know, I’m an actress. I’ve dreamed about it my whole life. And it just seems to be going away.”

Fox News host Elisabeth Hasselbeck suggested that liberal politics had become so “pervasive in Hollywood right now to the point that we can’t even watch the Oscars.”

Co-host Brian Kilmeade argued that American Sniper may have missed out on the Best Picture award because director Clint Eastwood had participated in the 2012 Republican National Convention.

“Is Clint Eastwood the problem with American Sniper?” he wondered. “Because he was at the RNC talking to the [empty] chair?”

“Probably,” Dash agreed. “Which is, I mean, so sad. It’s Clint Eastwood, and that film was the most beautiful film I’ve seen in a very long time.”

Dash asserted that if conservatives had spoken out at the Oscars, they would have been told that “we’re racist, we’re homophobic, we don’t like women.”

Watch the video below from Fox News’ Fox & Friends, broadcast Feb. 23, 2015.

Credit: Raw Story


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