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Newser reports South Florida Wants to Be 51st State—Over Climate Change


Fox News is a cult for the conservative misinformed and the radical christian viewer on that channel. The right-wing love this place.

With that in mind, consider the results of the new Pew Research study on “Political Polarization & Media Habits.” The year-long research surveyed American news consumers and categorized their relationships to thirty-six sources for news and information about government and politics by political ideology. The differences in the levels of trust exhibited by consistent conservatives and liberals are profound.

The study reveals that conservatives have drastically constrained their access to news to a very few, hard-right outlets. They behave as if any exposure to a conflicting viewpoint would be tantamount to fraternizing with Satan. Consequently, they rely almost solely on Fox News for their information intake. That is how Fox maintains their ratings position, by herding all of the conservative cattle into one corral.

Nearly half (47%) of conservatives identify Fox News as their “main source” for news. Nothing else even comes close. Compare that to liberals who cite CNN as a main source only 15% of the time with a half-dozen other sources closely competing for their attention. What’s more, conservatives obediently trust Fox News by a larger margin (88%) than any other group of viewers. And the only other sources they trust more than 50% of the time are similarly far-right partisans: Sean Hannity (62%), Rush Limbaugh (58%), and Glenn Beck (51%). Of course, none of those sources are objective news providers, or even journalists.

While Conservatives have only four sources that they trust more than 50% of the time, liberals express trust for nine different sources at that rate: NPR (72%), PBS (71%), BBC (69%), New York Times (62%), CNN (56%), NBC (56%), MSNBC (52%), ABC (52%), and CBS (51%). Note that they are all (with the exception of MSNBC) generally regarded as legitimate journalistic enterprises. Except, that is, by conservatives who trust none of them. In fact, conservatives only have greater trust than distrust for twelve of the thirty-six sources in the study. So consistent with the cult maxim, conservatives actively distrust twenty-four (two-thirds) of the sources. Liberals flip that stat, having greater trust for twenty-eight of the sources and distrust for only eight.

The mission of Fox News from the beginning was to divide the nation by ideology. It is why they came up with their “fair and balanced” slogan with the implicit accusation that the other news providers were neither. They deliberately sectioned off their audience and told them that everyone else was lying to them. Subsequently, when they lied to their viewers (which they do constantly), there is no place for them to turn for the actual truth. The Fox version of events becomes the unqualified gospel for their audience/disciples despite being riddled with falsehoods and rancid partisanship. And additional proof of that is seen in the studies that show that Fox viewers are less informed than those who watch other media, or even those who watch nothing at all. And the more you watch Fox, the less you know.

The correlations to cult status are unmistakable: Proselytize relentlessly (Fox is #1); repeat/preach the cult’s doctrine (anti-Obama, anti-government, Benghazi); reinforce obedience with fear (tyranny, terrorism, Ebola); glorification of idols (Ronald Reagan, Ted Cruz, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin); demonization of competing views (Democrats, the rest of the media); and fabricating a comforting home for faithful followers by casting experienced propagandists and appealing, mostly blonde, presenters as reporters. It’s a closed loop society that succeeds by keeping the flock secluded, ignorant, and artificially happy. I just hope they don’t start serving Kool-Aide.


CBS New York reports Man Searching For Drone That Went Missing In White Plains


Newser reports Cappuccino Potato Chips? America Says No


Newser reports Study: Sex Is 385M Years Old


This is just funny and yet very stupid!


Republicans on radio and Fox News have been using the Ebola virus as a tactic to scare Americans for their political gain. This has been going on since the first confirmed case of the disease in the U.S. They have used the influx of immigrants from Latin America as potential carries of the disease which has never existed outside of Africa in history. They have also attacked Obama for trying to “infect the nation with Ebola“. Laura Ingraham also attacked the left with a ridiculous conspiracy theory. Bill O’Reilly also believes he is smarter than Dr. Tom Frieden who is the head of the CDC.


Fox can’t wait for December 25, so they decided to declare the fake War on Christmas early. 2 days ago. As tradition dictates. Fox News made the official announcement with a declaration that the government is trampling on some perceived religious liberty.

This year the devotees are honoring their German brothers by swapping the War on Christmas language for “No Tannenbaum: Federal Regs to Target ‘Hazardous’ Christmas Lights.” And as usual, the disciples weigh in with their own righteous testimony.

The Christian soldiers of Fox Nation are up in arms over new federal regulations aimed at reducing the injuries, including fatalities, caused by faulty lighting and other electrical decorative products. The Consumer Product Safety Commission proposed the new requirements saying that…

“Consumers can be seriously injured or killed by electrical shocks or fires if seasonal and decorative lighting products are not made using minimum wire size, sufficient strain reliefs, or over-current protection.”

The agency noted that since 1980, more than 250 people have been killed when decorative lights malfunction. However, in the view of the anti-Big Government Tea-Publican Crusaders, that’s a small price to pay for festive home ornaments. So Happy Holidays everybody. The war is on… in October.


A conservative group backed by several Fox News contributors has pulled ads featuring footage of murdered journalist James Foley after his family sharply criticized the campaign as “deplorable.”

Secure America Now (SAN) had been running advertisements attacking Democratic candidates with footage of Foley’s beheading at the hands of ISIS. Foley’s parents told New England Cable News (NECN) that the ads are “very sad” and “deplorable,” and called for them to be pulled with an apology.

The group announced on October 15 that it would launch advocacy campaigns featuring the Foley footage in ads against Democratic Senators Mark Pryor (AR), Mark Udall (CO), Mary Landrieu (LA), Jeanne Shaheen (NH), and Congressman Gary Peters (MI). Secure America Now president Allen Roth said that “Pryor, Udall, Landrieu, Shaheen, and Peters have all ignored the crisis at our southern border. While evading efforts of those attempting to secure the border, they have silently supported President Obama’s rumored amnesty plans.” The group also posted on Facebook that day, “Watch the ad that’s got the left riled up. Help us get it out, SHARE this video now.”

Roth later told NECN, “It has been brought to our attention that a news report image of American hostage James Foley that appeared in a Secure America Now video has upset his parents, so we have decided to take the video down. It was never our attention to upset Mr. Foley’s family and we apologize for any pain we inadvertently caused.”

The ads are no longer on the group’s YouTube page as of this posting, and links to the ads in the October 15 press release state that “This video has been removed by the user.”

SAN used the Foley ad to fundraise. An October 15 email stated, “With your help, we can finally capture the attention of these ignorant few. Every dollar you donate will go directly to advocating for border security in the Senate race of your choice” and included links to donation pages featuring the now-removed ads.

The group’s advisory board includes Fox News host Mike Huckabee and Fox News contributors John Bolton and Pat Caddell. Despite claiming to be “non-partisan,” the group has previously been involved in projects pushing for President Obama’s impeachment and more investigations into the already thoroughly-investigated attacks in Benghazi.

Bolton previously defended the use of the Foley video in other campaign advertising. Commenting to The Hill in early October about a Republican House candidate’s ad, Bolton said that “When you hear people say, ‘Oh you shouldn’t run ads on that issue,’ to me it demonstrates fear of the issue … if we don’t talk about it as adults we’re never going to understand the problem fully.”

NECN reported that Roth said “SAN board members are not involved in creating ads, nor do they see them before they go public. Roth says Bolton had nothing to do with this.” Regardless, Fox News contributors like Bolton are integral to establishing the group’s credentials, as the group touts their advisory board membership and testimonials.

Credit: Media Matters


Newser reports Tennessee Woman Jailed for Messy Yard


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