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Gothamist reports Library of Congress Abides, Finally Recognizes The Big Lebowski, Other Films As ‘Culturally Significant’


Nielsen has come out with a report that shows only 1% of Fox News viewers are Black. So now you know why Fox is able to get away with their racist overtones. News Corpse reported that the Black viewership was at 1.38% four years ago.

Nielsen’s annual look at the racial breakdown of the cable news viewers highlighted some very distinctive differences among the big three in terms of diversity. For instance, during the prime time block of 8-11 pm, MSNBC’s audience is 24% black. CNN, by contrast, has an audience 16% black.

This means there are 20,820 black people who watch Fox on a nightly basis. Meanwhile, over at CNN, the numbers about 104,480, and for MSNBC, it’s 145,200.

With numbers like that it is no wonder that Fox can describe Hip-Hop mogul Jay-Z as a “former crack dealer,” dismissing his many years as a successful artist, businessman, and philanthropist. It is why Fox anchor Megyn Kelly is comfortable declaring as a fact that Jesus and Santa Claus are white. It is why virtually every time there is a controversial story that tests the racial tolerance of the nation (Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Voter ID, Immigration, etc.) Fox News takes the side of the white majority. It is why whenever there is an allegation of racism against a person or institution, Fox’s kneejerk response is that racism doesn’t even exist anymore.

o, is the low number of African-American viewers of Fox due to the content of the programming, or is it the brazenly racist programming that has driven away Black viewers? It hardly matters at this point because it is clear that Fox no longer cares and doesn’t believe that they have any obligation to cater to an audience demographic that has almost completely abandoned them.

The problem is that means they also don’t feel any obligation to the racial diversity and harmony of America. Sadly, we can count on Fox to continue to continue to incite the bigots that flock to their network, and the end result will be to create more division and to encourage distrust and hate. Here’s an example what that kind of agenda will produce.

Here’s the full breakdown of the report by Nielsen:


Fox News obscured the fact that Republican lawmakers are holding renewal of a terrorism insurance program hostage in order to continue chipping away at financial regulatory reform.

The Terrorism Risk Insurance Act (TRIA), first passed after 9/11 and subsequently renewed by Congress, allows the federal government to aid insurance companies in providing terrorism insurance to businesses. One of the biggest beneficiaries of TRIA are professional sports organizations like the NFL.

If TRIA is not renewed, these organizations could lose terrorism insurance coverage. Thus on the December 15 edition of Fox & Friends First, Fox Business contributor Lauren Simonetti claimed that the Super Bowl may be in danger of cancellation. According to Simonetti, “The reason is Congress,” adding “unless this act is reauthorized by the end of the year,” the Super Bowl could be canceled.

The network failed to acknowledge that Republicans’ commitment to unraveling away portions of the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial reform law are to blame for holding up TRIA’s reauthorization. As ABC News reported, rather than holding a vote on the Senate’s bipartisan bill to reauthorize TRIA, on Dec. 10 the House passed a different measure which included a GOP provision that undermines financial reform:

The Senate passed its own bipartisan bill to reauthorize TRIA in the summer, but the House passed a different measure last week that funds the program for six years and includes a provision that rolls back some limits placed on Wall Street banks in the Dodd-Frank reform bill.

That House measure faces an up-hill battle in the Senate this week as a few Senate Democrats oppose the inclusion of the Dodd-Frank language. On the Republican side, retiring Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., has threatened to prevent the bill from coming up for a vote.

“There may not be any TRIA until January, the next Congress. I’m OK with that,” Coburn said, according to National Journal. “Quite frankly, I don’t care whether TRIA happens or not. Because I believe that markets will fill in that void.”

As National Journal explained, House Republicans’ rider in the TRIA renewal “would clarify or change a provision in the Dodd-Frank law to free nonfinancial companies, like those involved in agriculture or energy, from having to comply with the same collateral and other rules for swaps in the derivative markets that are applied to banks.”

Democrats in both the House and the Senate have expressed outrage over the inclusion of financial reform rollbacks in the terrorism-risk bill. The Super Bowl, however, seems to be safe. The NFL has already stated that the Super Bowl will be played no matter the outcome of the TRIA reauthorization.

Credit: Media Matters


Newser reports New Vending Machine Can Deny You Snacks


Fox News was launched on October 7, 1996. A few years later the truth about the channel came out as a result of Robert Greenwald’s documentary, Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism. People became hooked on the network and believed it was a regular news channel driving the debate and changing the news media for the better. But when Greenwald released his documentary in 2004, the truth was out. Fox was a right-wing Republican biased network and since then Fox has been proven wrong and wrong hundreds of times. It didn’t matter whether it was Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert playing a Republican character with the same name.

Fox News early on was like the cocaine epidemic in the 1980s. It was very addicting and to be honest, anybody from all walks of life would have fallen for the channel’s garbage. Greenwald explain’s how he exposed Fox News for what it is and prevented what could have been a future controlled by Fox News. Read Greenwald’s interview on The Huffington Post.


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Top Left


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With the protests surrounding Eric Garner’s death which not result in a grand jury indictment, Bill O’Reilly thinks he knows who’s behind the protests because he’s full of shit.

According to O’Reilly these anguished citizens were nothing but dupes to an orchestrated cabal of self-serving social disruptors. His Talking Points segment was titled “Who is organizing the racial protests breaking out across America?” And who would be better qualified to answer that question than Bill O’Reilly?

In short, O’Reilly deprecated the protesters as “a group of professional agitators who use social media to organize street confrontations.” He asserted that the marchers were plants controlled by a few rabble-rousers with fanciful names like“This Stops Today,” “Hoodies for Justice,” and “Communities United for Police Reform.”

O’Reilly: The demonstrations you are seeing are not – ARE NOT – spontaneous dissent from regular folks. Rather they are well-planned disruptions from professional anti-establishment provocateurs. […] As soon as the Garner grand jury decision was announced social media messages were blasted instantly with hashtags like #ICantBreathe and #BlackLivesMatter.

Nevertheless, O’Reilly went on to slander the protesters as being the stooges for outside agitators.

O’Reilly: The Factor has learned that the SEIU labor union is deeply involved in the protests, as are a number of other groups funded by the shadowy radical George Soros.

Bill doesn’t provide proof because you don’t them on Fox News. However, his allegations were soundly refuted by PolitiFact, who examined the issue in detail. Thanks you, PolitiFact for proving O’Reilly wrong as he was all along, but O’Reilly won’t refute it because it isn’t Fox does to provide facts for their own statements.


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