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Newser reports Think France Has Great Food? Think Again


If you though Fox News doesn’t get involved in politics, then you are wrong. Carl Cameron who works at Fox as the chief political correspondent will be heading to a political fundraiser and will speak there. This fundraiser is benefiting a group run by former Republican Party officials and linked to controversial industrialists Charles and David Koch. Cameron is a speaker at The Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy’s (JBC) annual Libertas Dinner on July 23. The event will also feature former Gov. Steve Merrill (R-NH) and honor Joe McQuaid, publisher of the Union Leader and “GOP Kingmaker in New Hampshire.” Sponsorship levels run from $100 to $10,000.

But for Cameron won’t get paid. Cameron joined Fox News in 1996 and serves as its chief political correspondent. His duties include reporting on political campaigns, including from New Hampshire. He was previously the political director for New Hampshire’s WMUR-TV.

The group’s website features conservative policy prescriptions carrying headlines such as “Minimum Wage Hike Will Hurt Entry Level Workers Most”“Obamacare’s problems are more than just a website”; and “Medicaid Expansion is Bad Medicine for New Hampshire.”

JBC is linked to the Kochs through the Charles Koch Institute, which lists the New Hampshire group as a “partner organization” for its summer fellow program.

The group’s funding has also been a source of controversy due to its connection to the Koch brothers, as noted by Granite State Progress and the Center for Media and Democracy. The Nashua Telegraph noted(subscription required) in December that progressive groups had found that JBC was funded by “the Donors Capital Fund with nearly $500,000 in grants since 2009 that at times made up 56 percent of Josiah Bartlett’s financing. The Koch Brothers have financially supported the Donors Capital Fund.” The Donors Capital Fund, along with its affiliated group Donors Trust, acts as a “dark-money ATM” for conservatives groups from wealthy individuals like the Kochs.

The Center has denied receiving financial support from the Koch brothers. Telegraph reported that “Arlinghaus said he was unaware of where the Donors Capital Fund got its support but likened it to the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation. ‘If the Koch Brothers did support it, we wouldn’t know that and we wouldn’t care … Our donors by and large are conservatives philosophically. That may come as a great shock to Granite State Progress but it’s nothing we’ve hidden or should be a surprise to anyone who’s paid attention.”

Media Matters documented how 15 Fox News hosts and contributors have recently campaigned with two political organizations (Americans for Prosperity and Americans for Prosperity Foundation) created and heavily funded by the Kochs.


If a plane crashes, it’s related to Benghazi. If a plane goes missing, it’s related to Benghazi. If there is going to be the first openly gay NFL player, it’s related to Benghazi. That’s not true. It’s only true if it’s taught at the school of right-wing stupidity. But Republican idiots such as Rush Limbaugh, Katie Pavlich, and Eric Erickson think so.  This form of exploitation has become commonplace among right-wing talking heads, who have repeatedly attempted to link Benghazi to a variety of unrelated events such as the Chris Christie bridge scandal, Yom Kippur, Monday Night Football, openly gay NFL prospect Michael Sam, the weather, and even the still-missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370. But this has allowed them to have opportunity.

Rush Limbaugh

Radio host Rush Limbaugh took aim at Obama’s response to the plane crash by linking it to the administration’s response to the Benghazi attacks. Criticizing Obama for not taking a harsher stance toward Russia and the pro-Russia rebels who reportedly shot down the plane, Limbaugh alleged on his July 21 show, “If we’re not going to take action against Benghazi … we’re not going to take action here.”

Katie Pavlich

Responding to Obama’s July 21 statement on Ukraine and the downed plane, Fox News contributor and editor Katie Pavlich tweeted:

Erick Erickson

Fox News contributor and editor Erick Erickson responded to Obama’s initial statement on the plane crash on July 17 by invoking the inflammatory anti-Islam video linked to the 2012 Benghazi attacks. He tweeted:

None of this makes sense or will make sense. Ever!


Yahoo reports Cubs file seven-count suit against creators of bootleg mascot ‘Billy Cub’


It hurts when you try to debunk and explain their stupidity.


Malaysian Airlines suffers another setback. First their plane went missing into the ocean without being found. Now one of their planes were shot down with a missile over on the brink of civil war Ukraine. But Allen West sees things much differently which shows he has no soul for the victims of the attack. Back in May, it was Ben Carson. West went on Fox “News” to say that this plane crash was a distraction caused by Barack Obama. A “purposefully creating drama globally.” Really? It is always something.

But “Dr.” Keith Ablow’s conspiracy theory is far more believable about Obama planning the 2014 World Cup. Why? Because Stephen Colbert broke it down for us. It makes sense since the character is a Republican who attacks his own party showing the hypocrisy which a Republican never does, which makes the character an example of hypocrisy. And that too sounds like a well-developed conspiracy.

He concluded: “So much for no drama Obama. He is purposefully creating drama globally.” West did not expand on why he thinks Obama is “purposely creating” “drama” like the Malaysia crash. West is from Fox and they don’t expand on something they create when they use their mouths rather than their brains. And when they use their brains, it still won’t be taken as true.


Yahoo reports Cellphone Talkers Get Their Own Sidewalk Lane in D.C.


As a fan of the New York Mets, I wish you the best of luck from here on out. I didn’t like you because you played for a team I used to like when I was younger. But it doesn’t matter. This year is different because you are leaving and I have nothing bad to say about you and I respect you. Thank You, Derek Jeter!


Newser reports Elephant Ancestor’s Bones Alter Our Continent’s History


The Republicans are racist (don’t debate me!) and he admits that the image they were trying to present had failed. He admits it at 0:37 in the video. But what Limbaugh was focusing on was about Eric Holder.


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